Airbnb Wedding Guide for Eloping Couples

February 3, 2021

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Airbnb in Joshua Tree: Casa Falmingo Joshua Tree

Couples are getting more and more creative when it comes to their wedding days. As photographers who specialize in off the beaten path, wild elopements, we’re all for it! If you’re eloping or planning a small, intimate ceremony, an Airbnb might just make the perfect venue for you. If you’re thinking about an Airbnb wedding, keep reading to learn all about how to make it happen!

Why have an Airbnb Wedding?

Getting married in an Airbnb has a lot of perks. In fact, there are lots of reasons why you should hop on the trend and consider having your ceremony at the Airbnb! Let’s delve into the benefits of an Airbnb wedding. Below we have included a few!

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Airbnb in La Quinta: 1948 Casa Casitas

More Flexibility with an Airbnb Wedding

You’ll have a lot more freedom and flexibility. It will not only be easier to choose a date but also to build your schedule for the day. Traditional wedding venues often book out a year in advance. Because of that, your options for wedding dates can be pretty limited. Even if you elope outdoors, you will most likely need to apply for a permit (which is usually first come first serve) and be limited to a certain time frame. But, when you stay at an Airbnb, the day is totally yours! You can book the place for a few days, giving you the flexibility to be spontaneous and flexible with your elopement day.

Cozy Atmosphere

Airbnbs are the perfect wedding location for couples who want a cozy, at home feeling without having to host the wedding at their home! Arrive at the Airbnb a few days in advance so that you can settle in and make yourself at home, and enjoy all the perks of a homey atmosphere, without having to worry about making your house ready for guests.

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Airbnb in Topanga: The Topanga Bungalows

A Place to Sleep After the Party

No worries if you get carried away with homemade margaritas after your wedding ceremony – getting married at an Airbnb means you don’t have to do any traveling after a long day of wedding celebrations. With everything in one place, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the fun!

A Built-in Rain Plan

If you have your ceremony at the Airbnb, you get a built-in backup plan. If it’s raining and there’s no chance it’ll stop, you can always have your ceremony indoors! But, if it’s raining on and off, you have the time and flexibility to wait inside until there’s a window of opportunity. Eloping in an adventurous location can be amazing, but weather can be unpredictable and parks and outdoor spaces usually don’t offer much shelter from the elements!

Finding an Airbnb for Your Wedding

When you’re searching for an Airbnb that would be perfect for your elopement, here are a few tips to make the process easier!

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Airbnb in La Quinta: 1948 Casa Casitas

Be Upfront

Some Airbnb owners have restrictions on group gatherings, and some won’t allow wedding ceremonies at all. It’s important to be honest and upfront with the owners – you don’t want any surprise fees later! Message them before you book your Airbnb and let them know your plan, how many guests you’re expecting, and reassure them that you’ll respect their property. Most hosts will be grateful for your honesty and most won’t have an issue with a small elopement ceremony. 


When you look on, you can filter your search by dates available, number of bedrooms, pet friendliness, and by amenities such as hot tubs and pools. You can even search for different types of properties, like cabins, yurts, tiny houses, and other unique places to stay! When you’re searching for the perfect Airbnb to host your elopement, think about what you need and use the filters to find the perfect spot!

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Airbnb in Joshua Tree: Joe’s Retreat Joshua Tree

Think About Your Surroundings

When looking at Airbnbs, make sure to note the location. Many people rent out guest houses that are right next to their homes – are you ok with that, or would you rather have a little more privacy? If a listing is unclear and doesn’t specify, don’t be afraid to message the host to ask!

If you want to do some exploring on your elopement day, or you want to have your ceremony at the Airbnb and then go take photos somewhere else nearby, check where the Airbnb is located and what’s nearby!

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Hollywood Hills Vacation Rental

Look for Great Light & Outdoor Spaces

The best kind of light is natural light, so when you’re searching for an Airbnb for your elopement, make sure to look through the pictures! You can’t go wrong with a home that has lots of windows, and this will make a huge difference when it comes to your elopement photos.

Along with great indoor lighting, you’ll also want to make sure your Airbnb is pretty on the outside too! For an elopement ceremony, outside usually works best – so make sure the Airbnb has plenty of space, and that the views outside are just what you want as your backdrop.

Check on Noise Ordinances

Some communities have noise ordinances that require you to be quiet after a certain time of night. This likely won’t be an issue for smaller, more intimate elopement ceremonies. That being said, you know your guests best! If you’re planning to party late into the night, make sure you’re respecting the neighbors and following local ordinances.

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Airbnb in Topanga: The Topanga Bungalows
Man and woman embrace and look at each other on wedding day
Airbnb in Joshua Tree: Casa Falmingo Joshua Tree

Ready to Start Planning Your Airbnb Wedding?

Are you sold on the idea of an Airbnb wedding yet?! If so, we’re ready to help you get started! As elopement photographers, a huge part of our job is helping couples find the perfect location for their elopement. We’ve got a customized list of Airbnbs waiting for you. Reach out and we’ll get the ball rolling!

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