August 3, 2023

Our thoughts on how to bring your wedding day details to life

Native Bouquet / Boutonniere

Black wedding dress with native flowers
Wildflower wedding bouquet
Native flowers groom boutonniere
Purple boutonniere for groom

When choosing florals for your wedding day details, one easy way to have it feel “right” is to keep it close! Hire a local florist to arrange your bouquet with wildflowers and foliage native to the area.  Not only are you then supporting a local business, but you stay homegrown.  Keep it true to the area, and the cohesion between the details and the location will make for a fantastic look. 

Hiking Boots

Bridal boots for adventure elopement

Not only is this practical, but the best way to feel like you are having a hiking elopement is to walk a mile (or a few) in hiking boots! This keeps your feet safe; whether you are hiking the 4-mile trail up to Glacier Point or jumping out of the car at a scenic overlook.  And if you want to switch into your spats and high heels once you get there, more power to you! 

Ring Boxes for your Wedding Day Details

Rustic wedding day details
Wedding rings
Grooms shoes with wedding rings

The Ring Box is one of our favorite wedding day details because It can make a wonderfully subtle statement.  Check out Etsy for inspiration around the location you have chosen. More likely than not you’ll find a locally sourced or reclaimed wood ring box that you can customize to fit your day.

Custom National Parks Sign

national parks elopement sign

This one speaks for itself! A fun way to commemorate your day and a great mantlepiece or shelf decor reminder of your adventure forever. 

Wedding Day Details: Custom Cake / Sweets

custom wedding day cake
wildflower wedding cake
bohemian wedding cake
rustic floral wedding cake

Even if you are hiking in – having a sweet treat to end the night after a big day is ALWAYS a good idea.  And Maybe some Champaign- your choice. The big thing here is to keep it light, keep it small, and keep it in tune with the rest of your details.  

The biggest takeaway we can give here is- to keep your wedding day details cohesively!  Take into account the season, the colors, and the feel of where you are, and let your details decision start there.  If you keep it in line with the location, you will never go wrong!

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