It's probably pretty obvious by now that we love to travel, and we're guessing that you do too! Every year we travel across the US and internationally for elopements and intimate weddings. We've become experts at shooting in all kinds of environments and planning for the best travel schedule around weather conditions, seasonal road closures, crowds and scouting breathtaking off-the-beaten-path spots for your day. We take care of our own travel costs for any spot in the world accessible by commercial aircraft, two-wheel drive with no extra fees. (Looking to elope somewhere awesome that requires other travel such as a ferry, private plane or train? We are SO down and happy to chat with you about the additional cost to cover this portion of our travel.)

Travel is a big part of who we are, and we can't wait to adventure with you!


Los Angeles, CA


Los Angeles, CA | Joshua Tree National Park


Zion National Park, UT | Southern Utah | Mammoth Lakes, CA | Los Angeles, CA


Redwood National Park | Big Sur, CA | Los Angeles, CA | Olympic National Park 


Half Moon Bay, CA | San Francisco, CA | Napa, CA 


Big Bear, CA | Yosemite, CA | Los Angeles, CA | Eastern Sierras |
Lake Tahoe, CA



Yosemite, CA | Joshua Tree National Park | Lake Tahoe, CA | Big Sur, Ca | England, UK | Scotland, UK | Romania | Los Angeles, CA | Southern Utah | Grand Canyon, AZ


Big Sur, CA | Mendocino, CA | Boulder, CO | Yosemite, CA


Big Sur, CA | Lake Tahoe, CA | Richmond, VA | Los Angeles, CA


Ventura, CA | Idyllwild, CA | Alabama Hills/Lone Pine, CA | Eastern Sierras 


Sedona, AZ | Los Angeles, CA | Joshua Tree National Park



Our travel schedule is always evolving. Here are just a few of the spots we're heading to in the next year: