How it works

We know you like to keep things pretty stress-free. That's why we're here helping you through process from A-Z.

How amazing would it be if you let go of all of the stress around planning a big traditional wedding...and planned the day you truly want instead? We’ve never been cookie-cutter people, and we’re guessing if you’ve found your way to our corner of the internet, you aren’t either. We know how it goes - you get engaged, and the wedding opinions from everyone you know start flooding in. But we have an amazing secret: the only thing you need to think about when planning your wedding day is YOU. You deserve your day, your way. Let go of all of the stress and fill your day with all of the meaningful, heartfelt and epic moments instead. 


It's about the moments
        when you look into each other's 
                           eyes and think, "I get to do life with you".

Need tips, tricks or guidance on where to begin?
Don't worry, we've got you!

When you hire us, you gain so much more than just a photography and videography team. We become your planning buddies, your resource providers, your location scouts, timeline builders, support system...and by the time we get to your elopement day? We’re your friends, your team and your biggest supporters! We put our full attention and time into listening to your stories, your challenges and your dream vision. We absorb the meaningful details and moments you strive to experience so that we can craft your vision into a reality.

Building trust

Take a moment to breathe a huge sigh of relief. Let any worry about awkward posing or fake smiles melt away. We capture the real and genuine stuff that makes up everything that is YOU. We want to tell YOUR story filled with all of the laughter, tears and meaningful moments. You can let go of any expectations of how you should look or act in front of a camera. We give you permission to be exactly who you are, to have an amazing time getting lost in the moment with each other...and to be present while truly experiencing your day. Don't worry, we have a few tricks to make you feel comfortable, but at the end of the day, it's about you having an amazing time while we capture all of the memories along the way.

Capturing your story

Being lucky enough to work in the outdoors means that we have a vital responsibility to protect and give back to our public lands. We hold these ideals very near to our hearts. 

We guide each of our couples through safety-first practices, Leave No Trace principles and in the age of COVID-19, social distancing guidelines and public health regulations. Keeping everyone (and everywhere) safe, healthy and protected is our top priority.

Finally, every year we donate a percentage of our proceeds back to protecting public lands. Why? Because we care deeply about you, your loved ones and the incredible places we are lucky enough to work in.

We are proud to be a Leave No Trace Aware photography & videography team.