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This is us! Karissa is a total space nerd and when there’s a clear night, you will probably find her nestled in the rocks with her camera and tripod as she catches the Milky Way through her lens. Mike loves everything related to Chicago sports, and more than anything, he loves sitting outside with a cold beverage in hand watching a game with his friends and family. We’re quality over quantity kind of folk, and we hold this ideal close to our hearts in everything we do. We live in a small neighborhood near the mountains in LA, and we spend much of our free time exploring the public lands around us, hanging out with our friends and family while cooking delicious meals. We feel like the luckiest people in the world every time we think about the fact that we get to work in the places we love with people we love, creating memories that will last a lifetime. 

If you found your way to our corner of the internet, we're best friends already!

about us

- Karissa is a huge space nerd and still brags about going to Space Camp in the 7th grade.
- Karissa is the kind of gal who asks for all three salsas at Chipotle.
- Karissa aspires to be Leslie Knope when she grows up.
- Karissa would pretty much always rather be hanging around a campfire.


- Mike used to run a cocktail bar in New York City and makes a pretty mean Old Fashioned (available upon request).
- Mike can quote pretty much every line from Back to the Future, Jurassic Park and most Disney Channel original movies. 
- Mike initially won Karissa's heart by asking her to go out with him to get a flight of guacamole.
- Mike fell to his knees and cried his happiest tears when the Chicago Cubs won the world series in 2016


- Remus LOVES to give a hug (like actually pulls you in for a cuddle squeeze).
- Remus is a collector of fine things: sticks, rocks and giant palm leaves.
- Remus is the first one in the household to head to bed each night, quietly excusing himself to go catch some ZZZ's.
- Remus has already decided that you are his best friend.


Fun facts about us:

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